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PLEASE resubmit!!!

I was so sick for the past few weeks. (I got that nasty flu). I haven't forgotten you all! <3
RULES (Updated 05.01.2013)

This group started out as a group solely for photographs of females and the female body in an artistic way. Now, we have added an exclusive folder for male photos.

For those new members and old members, please read the updated rules. They will be strict but very much worth it. I hope you all enjoy this group! Note me :iconsamkaczur:  if you have ANY suggestions or questions!

Rules and regulations:

This is solely a PHOTOGRAPHY based group. All other submissions under other categories, though beautiful, will not be allowed in the group. If they are mistakenly added they will be deleted from the group galleries. This includes photo manipulations, digital art and possibly photos that are overly edited that they are considered not close to the original image.

I believe in quality versus quantity. I want this group to be filled with images that exude extreme beauty and a sense of jealous (as in... "Oh I wish I could shoot that!").

Everyone is beautiful. Everyone has a beautiful soul but we do not judge the submissions solely based on appearance... but on this the quick list below.

1 - Composition - composed correctly. There is a balance to the image or, a meaningful off balance.
2 - Focus - focus correctly. Make sure the focus makes sense to the subject. It doesn't have to be on the face but make sure it works.
3 - Over processing - tastefully edited. Do not excessively layer on the Photoshop, it then becomes more of a digital manipulation than a real photo.
4 - Extremely provocative - NO PORN. Do not submit it, it does not belong here.
5 - Colours - attractive colours. Black and white is fine as well (judged more on contrast). Make sure they work.
6 - Contrast - a balance of light, medium and dark.
7 - Feel - the image must have a sense of emotion/purpose/connection.
8 - Quality  
9 - Models (especially nudes) should be over the age of 18
10 - Submitting to the RIGHT FOLDER. That is your job. Not the group admins. If you have a black and white nude, I suggest submitting it to the nudes rather than black and white.

I will say this. There are exceptions to every rule. If an image is so mind-blowing but lacks contrast or something else then of course it will be allowed in!

If your image is denied. PLEASE act responsibly. It may have missed the mark and not impressed. It may have broken one or more of the rules.  I might have accidentally denied it (trust me it happens...)
Here is a few options of what you can do:
- Take a look at the gallery, be honest and see if your photo would fit among the others in the folder selected.
- You can note me :iconsamkaczur: , or comment on the denied submission for a private conversation. I will give you the reasons and if you would like, I :iconsamkaczur: (or another admin) can give you a critique.

If the photo is denied. PLEASE do not resubmit unless you feel you have drastically changed the image.

Rude behavior - If you are rude to anyone in the group, the admins, writing derogatory comments, or anything meant to harm or insult. There will be no warning and you WILL be removed from the group. Especially in the submission process. If your work is not accepted PLEASE look at the rules, look at the other photos in the galleries and be honest with your skill level and, also how the photo is.

Pornography - Nude art is not porn. There is a different message in both. Please do not submit pornography or anything obviously suggestive. There are other groups out there who allow those type of images. PLEASE go to them. They have no place in this group. Only tasteful work!

New Members - I will accept requests from everyone but if submission after submission you are being denied, this group may not be the right fit. New members MUST follow the rules just as the existing members.

Removing images - I am not the only admin that will vote on a submission. I am not the only one to find images on DA and add them to the group. But the one thing I DO make sure to do, is to check back on the gallery folders and keep them consistent. If a photo is in storage, I will remove it from the group. If it does not follow the rules and was hastily added by another admin, sadly, it will be removed. I am all about quality over quantity galleries are ever evolving and I do not want this to be a wild card group (OR A DEAD ONE!!!)

Contributor rules - coming soon...
Themes of the month - coming soon...
Critique folder - coming soon...

I will stress this once more. I want this to be a group that everyone benefits. Great art. Great energy. Positive. Inspirational. I want us ALL to be proud of our art, proud of our journey. I want this to be a group that strives everyone to be a better them. Let's inspire each other and push forward!!!

PLEASE NOTE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR QUESTIONS!!! :iconsamkaczur: :iconsamkaczur: :iconsamkaczur:

Love you all,
Sam :iconsamkaczur:

It is JUST ME! I am the founder (finally). I can now change the rules, allow contributors to actually DO their thing. And make sure the art that comes here is art we all want to see!!!! YAY!

If you have any suggestions while I re-write all the rules, or think you'd make a good contributor (if you are already one, PLEASE message me so I keep you on the list!!!)

Talk to me people! This is OUR group. Not just mine!

Let's get excited to make ART!

I have messaged DA admins on getting this group switched over to me (as founder) and I have not heard back. I am going to hold it out for another week and we will see how it goes!

Update: DA has said they can not do anything unless the founder gives me full control or has deactivated his account. I have since messaged him on Facebook, hopefully he will respond! <3

For those submitting. I am sorry if I declined your work and congrats if I accepted. If I declined, please do not take it personally. I have seen a few new artists or "seasoned" artists on here whose work was... not up to the standards the founder and I had agreed on. If you have a question as to why or want a critique on how to make an image better, PLEASE let me know! <3 I want everyone to grow because I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! <3

Sam here! I just got back from a LONG absence (health issues)... To find out the two others who originally told me they didn't need my help (or seem to want it) had abandoned this group... very disappointing... trying to figure out how I can become the founder and make things right again. Or should I make another group?

I want people to be able to see amazing photos and to be in a positive environment!

I have no contact with the Founder or other co-founder... does anyone know how I can become the founder and put this group back in the running? OR Should I make a new group?

Hope you all are creating... sorry for the mess. I am heartbroken.